Non slip decking for retail parks and business centres

Specifying decking in high traffic areas such as for retail parks and office developments brings its own set of challenges.

Why choose antislip decking?

  • Exceeds to HSL's slip resistance requirements
  • Sustainable solution - FSC and PEFC accredited
  • Strength graded to C16 or C24

Working with commercial supply chains

Marley Eternit work with specialist contractors, park managers, facilities managers and end users to deliver complex commercial projects, as well as small but equally challenging projects.

The preferred choice for the application

Marley Eternit non slip decking has been successfully specified on many projects such as Nottingham Science Park.

All boards have full FSC and PEFC chain of custody; this ensures a truly legal and sustainable timber deck. Boards are smooth with a less abrasive aggregate than JB Antislip Plus® boards providing more walking comfort for high heel wearers. In addition to the benefits to wheelchair and visually impaired pedestrians, these smooth boards are particularly suitable for high foot traffic areas.

Timber decking for a sustainable solution

Natural decking has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material and is a managed material to deliver a more sustainable product, enhancing the environmental credentials of the project.

Choose timber decking for peace of mind

Technical support is provided by Marley Eternit throughout the lifecycle of the project, from specification with the client or landscape architect, to advice for the contractor on correct installation.

As every project has different challenges and objectives, our experienced technical support team can work with you to discuss your requirements and help you find the best solution.

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