JB Western Red Cedar Shingles

A truly renewable and sustainable roofing and cladding material

  • Full PEFC chain of custody
  • Up to 50% less installation time using JB ShingleFix
  • 40 year treatment warranty
  • Approved contractor scheme
  • Nationwide stockists

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  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Net carbon sink upon delivery
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Natural beauty
  • Low maintenance
  • Clear preservative treated
  • Weathers beautifully to blend into a natural environment
  • Pre-formed ridge and hip units available - suitable up to a maximum roof pitch of 30°

XXXXX Shingles

Blue Label, 100% Heartwood, 100% Edge Grain and 100% Clear
Size 400mm long, random widths 75mm - 350mm
10mm at the butt, tapering
Profile Sawn both sides, rectangular
Approx. 120 pieces
Maximum Pitch
Minimum Pitch 14°
Minimum Side Lap

Maximum Gauge
Covering m2 per bundle
Laid weight kg m2 clean / treated / FRT
Battens per m2
4.0 / 8.1 / 4.6 5.3m
22-74° 125mm 2.28 6.1 / 12.3 / 7.0 8.0m
14-21° 95mm 1.73
8.1 / 16.2 / 9.3 10.5m

Minimum batten size (JB Red battens)
90° 25 x 50mm
Not exceeding 450mm centres
25 x 38mm
Not exceeding 600mm centres
25 x 38mm

Nail Size
Silicon bronze nails
31 x 1.8mm
JB ShingleFix Staples
16x38mm Stainless Steel Staple

Also available as Royal and Fancy Butt Shingles.

Western Red Cedar Shingles from Marley Eternit are a truly renewable and sustainable roofing and cladding material; with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any widely used building product. They are light for transport, and therefore also make savings in supporting structures; they also offer a high degree of thermal insulation. JB Shingles can also be treated with a clear preservative treatment, MicroPro®, to retain the natural look of cedar.

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