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|||Edgemere Dry Verge
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|||Ashmore and plain tile dry verge
|||Ventilated dry hip system
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|||Universal plain tile vent
|||Fibre cement in line vent
|||Universal Dry Valley
|||GRP slate valley system
|||Universal RidgeFast
|||Universal ridge roll for fibre cement slates
|||Ventilated dry ridge system
|||Ventilated dry mono ridge system
|||Ventilated abutment system
|||Ridge ventilation terminals
|||Tile ventilation terminals
|||Clay in line tile vent
|||Fibre cement slate continuous dry verge
||Clay Plain
|||Clay 305mm half round ridge
|||Clay 305mm plain angle ridge
|||Clay 305mm plain angle ridge stop end
|||Clay 305mm third round ridge hip end
|||Clay 450mm capped angle stop ends
|||Clay 450mm plain angle ridge
|||Clay 450mm plain angle ridge stop end
|||Clay 305mm hogs back ridge
|||Clay 450mm capped angle ridge
|||Clay 450mm roll top ridge
|||Clay 305mm club crested ridge
|||305mm cocks comb decorative ridge
|||Clay 305mm two hole crested ridge
|||Clay 305mm mono ridge
|||Clay 305mm third round hip
|||Clay 305mm half round ridge stop end
|||Clay 305mm fleur de lys finial
|||Clay 305mm ball top finial
|||Clay 305mm dragon finial
|||Clay 305mm falcon finial
|||Clay 305mm scroll finial
|||Clay granny bonnet
|||Clay arris hip
|||Clay semi bonnet
|||Clay plain cloak verge
|||Clay valley tile
|||Clay external vertical angle tile
|||Clay club feature tile
|||Clay bullnose feature tile
||Clay Interlocking
|||Concrete 457mm segmental ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental stop end ridge
|||Concrete 457mm third round hip tile
|||Concrete 457mm third round stop end hip tile
|||Lincoln Clay 375mm Half Round Ridge
|||Lincoln Clay 375mm Half Round Ridge End
|||Lincoln Clay 375mm Third Round Hip
|||Lincoln Clay 375mm Third Round Hip End
|||Lincoln Dentil Slips
|||Lincoln left hand verge tile
|||Maxima left hand verge tile
|||Melodie left hand verge tile
||Concrete Plain
|||Concrete plain eaves top tile
|||Concrete plain tile and a half
|||Concrete plain arris hip
|||Concrete 300mm half round baby ridge
|||Concrete 325mm pascoll roll baby ridge
|||Concrete 457mm modern ridge
|||Concrete 457mm modern stop end ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental stop end ridge
|||Concrete 457mm third round hip tile
|||Concrete 457mm third round stop end hip tile
|||Concrete plain bonnet hip
|||Concrete plain cloak verge
|||Concrete plain valley
|||Concrete plain external angles
|||Internal angle tiles
||Concrete Interlocking
|||Concrete 457mm modern mono ridge
|||Concrete 457mm modern mono ridge stop end
|||Concrete 457mm modern ridge
|||Concrete 457mm modern security ridge
|||Concrete 457mm modern stop end ridge
|||Concrete 457mm plain angle ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental mono ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental mono ridge stop end
|||Concrete 457mm segmental ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental security ridge
|||Concrete 457mm segmental stop end ridge
|||Concrete 457mm third round hip tile
|||Concrete 457mm third round stop end hip tile
|||Concrete interlocking cloak verge
||Fibre Cement Slate
|||Fibre cement 900mm duo pitch ridge
|||Fibre cement 900mm duo pitch ridge stop end
|||Fibre cement 900mm monopitch ridge
|||Fibre cement 900mm monopitch ridge stop end
||Mortar bedded security hip kit
||Mortar bedded security ridge kit
||SoloFix one-piece tile clips
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||JB Red Roofing Battens
||JBi Traditional Timber Battens
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||JB Shingles
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|||The Fibre Cement Building Envelope CPD
|||Playing by the Regulations for Roofing - Roof Security CPD
|||Scottish Regulations for Roofing
||Timber CPDs
|||BS 5534 Graded Roofing Battens: Are you roofing to standard?
|||Design and specification of Western Red Cedar Shingles
|||Timber decking - maximise your space the sustainable way
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|News Hub
|||A new dimension for fibre cement slates
|||Reigate House
|||Forest Holidays
|||aj small projects
|||Marley Eternit and Professional Builder Magazine
|||Cedral Weatherboard's Whole-Life Solution At Fertility Centre
|||How low can clay go
|||Outstanding modern design with Marley Eternit fibre cement slate
|||Fibre cement vs Natural slate
|||Perfectly Aged with Ashdowne Handcrafted
|||Cedral Weatherboard Tackles Rugby Club
|||Yard Farm
|||Shingle Lodge
|||The Wheatsheaf
|||Bisley Youth Centre
|||Lenton Gardens
|||Marley Eternit adds underlays to create unparalleled roof systems offer
|||Theatrical Experience benefits from stunning Shingles
|||Hydrate in the heat
|||Lightweight Vertigo cladding selected for eco friendly penthouses
|||RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award 2016 Revealed
|||Acme tiles used for pioneering zero bills home
|||Belgium House
|||Vertigo gives distinct aesthetic to London extension project
|||Marley Eternit Acquires John Brash
|||Award winning Keppie home from home uses Rivendale fibre cement slates
|||RIBA Regional Award shortlists announced
|||Camino House
|||New Lincoln Clay Pantile launched
|||AJ Small Projects 2016 finalists announced
|||Cedral Lap - Kemnay Academy
|||Cedral Lap - South View Leisure Park
|||Purple Blend
|||Vetically Challenged
|||Acme Double Camber Natural Orange
|||Your reputation demands the finest accessories
|||Profiled Sheeting Brings Aesthetic Appeal and Proven Performance
|||Bicester Eco Town
|||Edgemere adds slate aesthetic to luxury Highlands development
|||The Slate Effect
|||Scrapping Zero Carbon
|||Self Build Project Uses Melodie Interlocking Clay Tile
|||The Only Way is Solofix
|||RCI BS5534 Effects
|||How to choose a Dry Fix System
|||Edgemere Ahead of its time
|||Cedral Click - Church Broughton
|||Construction of new Eco Town well underway
|||Cedral Lap specified to create striking new housing development in Chelmsford
|||Cedral Click - Live and Let Live
|||Cedral Lap - Butlins Minehead
|||NEW Rivendale Cromleigh Graphite
|||Designed for today's world
|||getting to grips with an epd
|||Handmade heritage and modern looks
|||Fibre cement slates - designed for today's world
|||New Sustainability Standard
|||new building regulations for roofing cpd
|||Regeneration project chooses Rivendale Slates
|||Rivendale slates used on pioneering sustainable homes development
|||Flagship sustainable new build school uses Thrutone fibre cement slates
|||Kier Living specifies Acme Antique
|||Duo Edgemere provides cost saving luxury for Jubilee
|||SoloFix reduces clipping time by thirty percent
|||Profiled sheeting gives rustic edge to dream home
|||Marley Eternit sponsor AJ Small Projects for fifth consecutive year
|||Cedral Click - Newport on Tay
|||Cedral Weatherboard redefining the appearance of affordable homes
|||Melodie Clay Pantile Refurbishes Barn Conversion
|||Guiding you through the BIM wash
|||roof tile and slate selection made easy
|||A poetic edge for Churchill Retirement Home
|||Culpho Manor
|||smith pavilion at cdw
|||Riven Edgemere ideal for nursing home
|||Edgemere chosen for Hayfield Grange
|||Edgemere enhances Canadian Log Home
|||Edgemere helps bring St Mary's back to life
|||Edgemere interlocking slates the perfect choice for Abbotswood Park
|||90 years
|||Moon creates stunning garden studio with Thrutone slates
|||Council specifies Thrutone slates and Cedral Weatherboard
|||Cedral Weatherboards fixes it for Walsall Development
|||Homeowner steps up with Cedral Weatherboard
|||Development in Clerkenwell area uses EQUITONE
|||Coronation Street chooses Modern concrete tiles
|||Powell Dobson Architects create Research Facility using EQUITONE
|||Cedral Weatherboard Right Up Your Street
|||Maxima and Melodie
|||New shapes and colours for Thrutone slates
|||EQUITONE clad cinema gets northern exposure
|||Marley Eternit launches BIM for Clay Plain Roof Tiles
|||Imaginative regeneration project uses Thrutone slates
|||Profile 6 is a class act with planners
|||Cedral Weatherboard creates a trend amongst homeowners
|||Marley Eternit Raises the Roof on Grade ll Listed Building in Hackney
|||EQUITONE [natura] Adds Up For Refurbished Maths Block
|||EQUITONE Specified For Eco Pod
|||Royal Cornwall Showground
|||Profile 6 takes no bull
|||From Cornwall to Kenya
|||Cwmaman Infants School
|||Carbon Certification
|||Ashmore is the perfect choice for luxury developers
|||Marley Eternit launch Riven Edgemere
|||Mortar bedded mechanical fix
|||Roofing FAQs
|||Marley Eternit discusses the new Construction Products Regulation
|||Improved ratings for responsible sourcing
|||a dolls house
|||Concept House
|||EQUITONE Suits Modules At Newcastle College
|||Versatile Clay Tiles
|||Safe in the Sun
|||EQUITONE Facade Just The Ticket For Sevenoaks Station
|||Low Pitch Thrutone
|||EQUITONE [natura] Courts New Sports Hall
|||Build smart with Marley Eternit BIM
|||Clay plain tiles specified for major roofing project
|||EQUITONE adds sense of innovation to design centre
|||Equitone facade lifts Hinguar Primary School
|||Cedral Weatherboard Revives Historic Project
|||Cedral Weatherboard helps create New England style development
||||New Resources Pages
|||Fibre Cement Slates
|||Marley Eternit sponsors TOG 2013
|||Acme Mixed Brindle Clay Tile
|||EQUITONE [natura] Specified For Super School
|||Fibre cement provides stunning finish for contemporary farmhouse
|||Marley Eternit scores a hat trick with Scottish Council
|||Fibre cement slates helps new school extension blend in seamlessly
|||The perfect aesthetic for conservation area
|||Marley Eternit awarded responsible sourcing certification
|||Marley Eternit launches new and improved pollution eating Ecologic tile
|||New And Exciting Fibre Cement Slate Innovation From Marley Eternit
|||Marley Eternits Natura Fibre Cement Cladding Gets Full Marks
|||Marley Eternit Slate And Cladding Products Specified For Stunning Coastal Project
|||Marley Eternit Overclad Solution Helps 60s Building Find Its Mojo
|||Marley Eternit's Colourful Arrival At Birthing Centre
|||Colouring Up With Marley Eternit's Cedral Weatherboard
|||Clay Plain Tile Experts
|||First Class Overclad Solution from Marley Eternit
|||New Canterbury Handmade Clay Tiles
|||UK’s first Eco town uses Rivendale fibre cement slates
|||Lincoln Step-by-Step guide
|||Shingles - It's all in the label
|||Selling materials for lightweight construction
|||Timber decking - what to consider
|||Vertigo step by step
|||Weighing up the benefits of fibre cement
|||A Responsible Source
||||Copy of Comment310820121501
|||AJ Specification
|||Benefits of fibre cement
|||BIM challenges facing contractors
|||Bluclad Beats the Code on Affordable Homes
||||Copy of Comment310820121501
|||Cedral Weatherboard made easy
|||Challenging roofing projects
|||clay interlocking the past present and future
|||closing the skills gap is key to construction growth
|||Dishing up an overclad solution
|||Don't let the skills shortage become a lasting legacy
|||Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction in Housing
|||Environmental proof your roof
|||Far more than farming
|||Fibre cement FAQs
|||health and safety cdm regulations change will affect contractors
|||Housebuilder sustainability comment
|||Cedral Installer Roadshows
|||Investing in the future of construction
|||Looking ahead to 2015
|||Moving towards circular building and zero waste construction
|||Marley Eternit discusses piracy of fittings and specifier liability
|||Reclaiming the weathered look
|||responsible sourcing concerns over plans to scrap cfsh
|||Roofing standards and products predictions for 2014
|||Safe in the Sun
||||Copy of Comment310820121501
|||Significant changes to BS8000-6
|||Supporting Small Projects for five years
|||testing to the extremes
|||Ventilation- Follow the Herd
|||The revision to BS 5534 aims to improve roof security
|||Unlocking the clay interlocking market
|||Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation
|||Weather extremes
|||Air Pollution - What can a roof do
|||No but I expect to in the next 12 months
||News hub disclaimer
|Case Studies
||Warehouse Conversion Aalst Belgium
||Abraham Moss High School
||AJC Homes
||Albany House
||Shingles complement care home environment
||Shingles in-spire Church renovation
||All Saints Medical Centre Cedar Shingles
||Alnwick Tree House
||Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant
||Herons Quay, Canary Wharf
||Apartment Building Temse
||Arbroath Marina
||Ashton Bank
||Ashton-Under-Lyne Sixth Form College
||Atkinsons Store
||Baker's Row
||Balmenach Distillery
||Bank Building Dinant Belgium
||Barking Foyer
||Barnoldby Road
||Barrow Hall College
||Barton Marina
||Bathgate Police Station
||Beacon Hotel
||Beacon Youth Centre
||Beaconsfield Ashdowne
||Beaulieu Heath
||Belgium House
||Private Development Watford
||Benton Dene School
||Shingle cladding solution for social housing development
||BeWILDerwood uses JB Antislip Plus
||Bicester Eco town
||Birmingham Social Housing
||Bisley Youth Centre
||Black Lion Street
||Blackpool Carers Centre
||Blackpool coastal homes
||Bloor chooses cost effective edgemere slates
||Bodfuan Shooting Lodge
||Ashmore Windsor
||Booths Supermarket uses Western Red Cedar Shingles
||Botanical Gardens
||Care Home Bournemouth
||Bournside School
||BRE, Victorian Terrace
||The Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine
||Bristol Zoo
||Brooklands Monmouth
||Broxden Dental Centre
||Bulwell Academy uses JB Antislip Decking
||Burton College
||Burton Marsh
||Butlins Minehead
||Caerphilly Hospital
||Private Housing Aberdeen
||Camino House
||Campus Biezenheem
||Canada in the Cotswolds
||Canon Popham Primary School
||Peterborough Hospital
||Cedar Barn
||BAE Systems uses Western Red Cedar Shingles
||Cedar Tree Construction
||Shingles used on 4 new Centre Parcs treehouses
||Charles Church Homes
||Cheshire Peaks and Plains
||Chippenham Care Home
||Chippenham Golf Clubhouse
||Chipping Norton Care Campus
||Cedral Click - Church Broughton
||Churchill Homes
||Retirement Home Dorchester
||'Smith' pavilion
||Clevedon Community School
||Coastal House
||Commercial Case Studies
||Concept House
||Concept House 2013
||Cromwell Court
||Damien Court
||Atkinsons Store
||Daventry Sixth Form College
||Gillender Street
||Blidworth Dog Rescue Centre
||Dovecote and Teversal Barns
||Drumlin Fold
||Ebbw Vale
||Ecologic Ashton Under Lyne
||Ecologic Nimbus Swansea
||Edmund Street Regeneration Scheme
||Edmund Street Regeneration Scheme
||Elmgreen School
||Erl Festival Hall
||Erskine Garden Centre
||Exhibition Hall Apeldoorn
||Durrants Retirement Village
||Ford Way
||Social Housing Frodsham
||Gainsborough Square
||Garden Studio
||Geevor Tin Mines
||Gillespie Road
||Golf Club Academy
||Goodwood ludlow plus
||Great Barn Court
||Great Places Housing Association
||Greendown Community School
||Greenwich Square
||Hanley Castle
||Hawkshaw Lodge Apartments
||Healthcare Case Studies
||Heathlands Double Roman
||Heol Y Coed
||Hereford Livestock Market
||Hilden Grange Prep School uses JB Western Red Cedar Shingles
||Hilton Garden Hotel
||Holcombe Moor Army Base
||Holiday Inn
||Holy Trinity
||Hospice uses acme double camber clay plain tiles
||Hostel Ford
||Private House
||Hunslet Wharf
||Irish Pavilion
||Isle of Skye
||Janets Corner Social Housing
||Olympic Park
||John Madejski Academy
||Johnstone town hall
||Kemnay Academy
||Kew Gardens
||Kier Living Acme Antique
||Kilwinning Library
||Grade-I listed Kings Cross Station uses JB Red
||Knock Rushen Housing Development
||Langstane Housing Association
||Leicester Data Centre
||Library Street Housing Development
||Sands Farm
||Lion Salt Works
||Litchard Primary School
||Little Kelham
||Cedral Click - Live and Let Live
||Llanmoor Homes Bridgend Moderns
||Llwnderw School
||Mendip Long Eaton
||Luton and Dunstable Hospital
||Malvern Church
||Mareel Cinema
||Mary Tavy
||Matter Nightclub 02 Dome
||Mayberry Garden Centre
||Maynard Grove
||Mechelen Belgium Restaurant
||Meldrum House Country Hotel
||Mercia Marina
||Methven Housing
||Primary School Durham
||Mill Rise Health Centre
||Modern Llanmoor Homes Bridgend
||Monks Risborough School
||Moss Side
||Myrtle Farm
||Myrtle Meadows
||Nash Mills Wharf
||Neath Port Talbot CBC
||New Cross Hospital
||New Islington School
||Cedral Click - Newport on Tay
||Healthcare Dudley
||Oakland Village
||Osea Leisure Park
||Social Housing Derby
||Oxford Brookes University
||Pawton Dairy
||Peacehaven Bungalow
||Persimmon Homes Pontypool
||Social Housing Perth
||Atkinsons Store
||School’s shingles raise the roof
||Private House Derbyshire
||Bodmin Road
||Poachers Retreat
||Portfield School
||Premier Inn, Bury
||Primrose Holiday Park
||Private House Edinburgh
||Private House
||Public House in Grantham
||Quintain House
||Ralph Allen School Bath
||Redwoods Centre
||Canterbury Handmade Clay Plain Tiles, Loxleigh, Chailey
||Soham Riven Edgemere
||Robin Hood Primary School
||Rock Grove
||Ronald McDonald House
||Pegden Lodge uses JB Red Roofing Batten
||Eton Re-Roof
||Rose Cottage
||Rowden House School
||Royal Botanic Gardens
||Sandal Magna
||Scarborough Sixth Form College
||Semi Detached House
||Shingle Lodge
||Shopping Centre Valladolid
||Silver Birches
||Simpson Birthing Centre
||Sint Jans Molenbeek Belgium
||Sir Thomas Wharton Community College
||Portishead housing development
||Private Housing Nottingham
||Social Housing Asse
||Social Housing Sunderland
||South Lanarkshire College
||South Shields Main Beach
||South View Leisure Park
||Southdown Shepherds Huts
||Speedmaster Conference Centre
||St Bede's Catholic High School
||Primary School Sunderland
||Social Housing Oldham
||St Mary's University College
||Stedelijke Kamer Aquallure Eindhoven
||Private Housing Essex
||Stone Barn
||Streatham Croydon Rugby Stadium
||James Haywood Estate uses JB Red and Western Cedar Shingles
||The Point
||Talgarth Mill
||Police Training Centre
||TEG Environmental
||Telford Dog Trust
||Terlings Park
||Private Housing Sunderland
||The Cloisters Aylesham Mix
||The Hamiltons
||The Junction Arts & Civic Centre
||The Netherlands Venlo Exhibition Centre
||The Rock
||The Studio
||The Triangle eco village
||Private Housing Crewe
||The Warren
||The Wheatsheaf
||Glasgow University
||River Clyst cycle bridge and boardwalk
||Todlaw Housing
||Station Road
||Tuath North
||Turner care home
||University of Birmingham
||University of Cambridge
||University of York
||Valley Park
||Private House
||Private house Chiswick
||Private House
||Vicarage Lane
||Private Housing Milton Keynes
||Wansey Street
||Wantage Duo Edgemere
||Shingles help create medieval lodges
||Waterstone Homes
||Westbrook Primary School
||White Sands
||Treated softwood decking meets architectural aesthetics at mixed use development
||Wimland Farm
||Woodland Tea House
||Hothorpe Hall
||Woodside Green Christian Centre
||High Harrington
||Shingles used on new Wynyard Hall visitor centre
||Wythanshawe Hospital
||Revolutionary new Lincoln Clay Pantile sees first project completions
||All Colour Windows and Doors
||Complete Cladding Services Limited
||Mathew Glyn Owen
||Palm Building and Property Maintenance
|Stockist / Contractors
||Cedral Select Installers
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||Profiled Sheeting stockists
||Profiled Sheeting stockists
||Cedral stockist Locator - your results
||Stockist Locator - your results
|Agricultural Hub
||Ventilator Calculator
||Agricultural News
|||Exmouth Sea Cadets Case Study
|||Higher West Town Farm
|||Don't overlook the importance of building ventilation
|||Puxton Park Case Study
|||Profiled Sheeting Update
|||Shilstone Farm case study
|||The right choice for progressive dairy farm
|||Profile 6 sheets give biomass building a natural appearance from new
|||New brochure
|||Introducing Farmlite GRP rooflights
|||CE marking
|||Farmscape sheeting is the right choice for cattle building
|||Cooper Dean Estate
|||Manor Farm
|||Refurbishing dairy buildings
|||Dairy building uses ‘spaced’ roof design for maximum ventilation
|||Hereford Livestock market choose Marley Eternit roofing
|||Marley Eternit provides high welfare solution for stud farm
|||Ventilation - follow the herd
|||Getting building ventilation right
||Case Studies
|||Hereford Livestock Market
|||Cooper Dean Estate
|||Harewood House Estate
|||Grosvenor Farm Estate
|||Pan Lan Farm
|||Pawton dairy
|||Knocknagael Farm
|||Amerton Farm
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