Vertigo slates

Slates designed for vertical applications

  • The first fibre cement slate specifically designed for vertical applications
  • 8 colours including brindled colours available
  • 3 product types and 4 design options
  • 12 to 13.8 slates / m² depending on configuration
  • Continuity between roof and facade can be achieved using Vertigo and matching roof slates from our Birkdale or Rivendale range
  • Easy and rapid installation using a full range of accessories
  • BES 6001 'Very good' rating
  • Request your copy of A+D, Building with Fibre Cement

Our NEW Vertigo range gives free rein to your creativity and brings a new dimension to design with fibre cement slates. 

Unique to Marley Eternit, the Vertigo range has been specifically created for vertical applications, perfectly adapting to the contours of the building and providing a second protective skin, which enables visual and performance continuity between roof and facade, creating a complete and beautiful building envelope.



Sheet sizes 600 x 300
Nominal thickness 4mm

Slates have a minimum apparent density of 1700kg/m3 when tested to BS EN 492

Bending strength Longitudinal

Meet the strength requirements of BS EN 492, achieving an average bending moment greater than 50Nm/m (Class B)

Frost Resistance Unaffected by frost and meet the requirements of BS EN 492
Reaction to fire Class A2 -s1, d0
Thermal conductivity




Vertigo slates are suitable for the following structures:

- masonry panels and walls made of brick or block work

- pre-cast concrete walls

- wooden framed constructions

Where fibre cement slates are used on a walling application, the backing structure must be the water/wind proof construction.


NOTE: The Vertigo range, when used in a wall application is suitable for use with up to a maximum 2.0 kN/m² windload. Loadings in excess of this are not recommended.


Please note Vertigo slates are not recommended for use on the roof.  To create a complete building envelope, matching slates from the Birkdale and Rivendale range should be used.

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Environmental Management


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LCA study



Manufactured under high pressure and air cured

Raw Materials

Cement, silica, fibres, pigments and fillers


> 60 years


Fibre cement is a 100% recyclable building material




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