Low Pitch Birkdale Fibre Cement Roof Slate

Smooth surface and dressed edges

*tested for UK conditions

The popular Birkdale fibre cement slate can be used for low pitch designs down to 15° (with hook fixing)* offering the designer and contractor more flexible aesthetic and installation options.

The hook fixing method is specifically for 15° - 20° pitches for moderate exposure roofs. This complements our Birkdale range using conventional nail and rivet fixing for steeper pitches or for severe exposure roofs.

Featuring a smooth surface and dressed edges Birkdale fibre cement slates offer a traditional and pleasing look at an affordable price.

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* Fully tested for weathertightness in accordance with CEN TR 15601 standard and subject to exposure category and rafter length

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Size of Tile

600mm x 300mm

Minimum Pitch

Moderate Exposure: 15° (150mm lap, max. 6m rafter length)

Severe Exposure: 17.5° (150mm lap, max/ 9m rafter length)

*The minimum recommended pitch and lap maybe influenced by special circumstances; please contact our Technical Advisory Service

Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap


Maximum Gauge


Covering Capacity

14.8 slates/m² at 150mm headlap

Weight of Tiling

22.8kg/m2 (0.20 kN/m2) at 150mm headlap

Battens Required

4.45 lin.m/m2 at 150mm headlap

Batten Size Recommended

38mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 450mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)

50mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)

Tile Nails

Slate Hooks (150mm)

Slate nails for local areas of roof (30mm x 2.65mm)

Copper disc rivets Copper disc rivets for local area of roof (19mm diameter x 2mm stem)
Authority BS EN 492

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Country of Production  
Environmental Management


Quality Management


Health and Safety Management


LCA study

Can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification


Manufactured under high pressure and air cured

Raw materials

Cement, silica, fibres, pigments and fillers


> 60 years


Fibre cement is a 100% recyclable building material

Embodied Carbon Rates


Measurement metric No per sq m  Headlap / gauge M₂ conversion
KgCO₂e 13.4/13.6 100mm/110mm 13
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