Ventilation Systems

At Marley, we understand the importance of ventilation in agricultural buildings and the negative impact that poorly ventilated buildings can have on livestock. With this in mind, choosing products and systems that provide maximum airflow is essential to creating the best possible environment for livestock whilst also maximising the return on investment for the farmer.

The hidden cost of poor ventilation

Dark and poorly ventilated buildings can cost your business thousands of pounds through animal health problems and slower growth rates, but it’s the bill you never see. Poorly ventilated livestock buildings can lead to condensation as well as high levels of bacteria and draughts, all of which can have a real impact on animal health and performance. Furthermore, the use of low level GRP’s in buildings can lead to ‘hot spots’, resulting in heat stress and a further impact on animal health and performance.

Introducing the Marley Protected Open Ridge System

The Marley Protected Open Ridge system is the most effective way of naturally providing outlet ventilation in an agricultural building whilst also having the added advantage of providing more light than traditional systems. The introduction of a polycarbonate soffit-strip, which replaces the fibre cement strip usually found in traditional protected open ridge systems, lets more natural light into the building avoiding ‘hot spots’ which can be caused by low level GRPs.

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