Profiled Sheeting

Marley Eternit are the only UK manufacturer of fibre cement

We have been producing profiled sheeting for over 90 years and offer a wide range of corrugated sheeting that is corrosion-resistant and offers low maintenance.

Marley Eternit have a number of carefully developed fibre cement profiled sheeting products for a variety of needs; for example, Farmscape corrugated sheeting has been specifically designed to reduce the visual impact of the buildings on the landscape. 

The Marley Eternit range of Profiled Sheeting is manufactured under quality management systems, which meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and systems which comply with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard.

Adoption of the BES 6001 framework for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products by Marley Eternit enables us to take a more responsible and sustainable approach to the sourcing of the materials that go in to the manufacture of Profiled Sheeting

Advantages of Marley Eternit Fibre Cement Profiled Sheeting

- can achieve A+ or A ratings in the Green Guide

- Only UK manufacturer of fibre cement profile sheeting

- Highly cost effective weather proofing

- Low maintenance corrugated roofing solution

- Does not rust, rot or corrode

- Resistant to chemical attack

- Excellent noise and thermal insulation

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