Pig Building Systems

Superior systems designed for high performance pig units

  • Durable - rust, rot and corrosion free fibre cement sheets
  • Superior natural ventilation systems to improve animal welfare
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation provided by fibre cement reducing stress to pigs
  • Expert knowledge of all agricultural building requirements

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Marley Eternit understands the challenges that farmers face when planning to invest in a new pig building and what they need to run their business successfully. With this in mind they have a range of roofing systems to help maximise farrowing and growth rates of pigs, improving the return on investment for farmers.

The properties of fibre cement make it ideal for all types of agricultural buildings but it has specific benefits for pig:

• Improved ventilation – fibre cement is naturally breathable

• Sound subdued ability – absorbs sounds such as rain that can cause stress to pigs

• Absorbency – minimising condensation

• Thermal properties – produces a more stable internal environment than steel providing a cool environment in summer and warm in winter.

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