Ashmore and plain tile dry verge

Function and compatibility

  • Continuous mechanically fixed dry verge system
  • Provides durable weather tight verge finish
  • Up to 55° roof pitch
  • Suitable for Marley Eternit Ashmore interlocking tiles, concrete and clay plain tiles
  • Advantages
  • Provides clean and streamlined continuous verge appearance
  • Meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Dry fix system
  • Marley Eternit Ashmore and plain tile continuous dry verge provides a strong, weathertight and maintenance-free verge that meets the requirements of BS 5534. The system is fast and simple to install and offers sleek, uninterrupted verges without the need for mortar.

    Not suitable for raking verges

    Connector units - available in the plain tile dry verge fixing kits -  must be used to join separate pieces

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