10mm Eaves Vent System PLUS

Function and compatibility

  • 10mm continuous ventilation at eaves
  • 10,000mm² free area of ventilation per linear metre
  • Eaves-to-ridge or eaves-to-eaves ventilation
  • Suitable for all Marley Eternit tiles and slates
  • Suitable for other manufacturers' tiles and slates
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Wide rafter roll for lower pitched roofs with deeper insulation
  • Dry fix system
  • Allows clip fixing of tiles at eaves
  • Compresses insulation ensuring airflow
  • Prevents ponding of water
  • Prevents ingress of birds, vermin and insects
  • Meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines

Marley Eternit Universal 10mm Eaves Ventilation System PLUS is designed to provide continuous 10mm free vent areas to roof voids in an efficient and unobtrusive manner for roofs with a lower pitch and deeper insulation. Additionally, the system allows clip fixing of all tiles at the eaves, compresses insulation to ensure good air flow and will prevent ponding on the underlay behind the fascia board as well as ingress of all wildlife.

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