Design Considerations & Detailing

In spite of changing fashions, the pitched roof remains the most popular shape for domestic and public buildings, simply because it is the most efficient at shedding water.

Also, the overlapping roof tile or slate is still a highly popular covering because it is durable, inexpensive, easy to lay and widely available. Moreover, their modular design and wide variety of colours, textures and shapes allow them to be used on a vast range of roof shapes and designs with confidence, flair and economy.

Roof shape

The pitched roof covered with modular tiles or slates offers the designer a vast choice of roof designs. Whatever the shape and function of the space beneath, it can be the design and detailing of the roof that has the greatest influence on the appearance and effect of the building as a whole. Some examples of roof shapes are shown here, but many more are possible.

roof shapes

Recommended design procedure

Designers are advised to consider the following steps when commencing a roof design incorporating Marley Eternit products. Download the Design Considerations section to read more about recommended design procedures. 

Design Procedure

Design Detailing

Here we talk about some of the finer details of the roof; from eaves to ridges, we offer advice and solutions on the following:

> Eaves
> Verges
> Hips
> Valleys
> Ridges
> Abutments
> Roof Slopes


Click here to download the section and read more about roof design considerations and click here to download the section on design detailing.

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