EQUITONE Planning & Application Guide

This Planning and Application Guide has been written to illustrate to the reader that designing, specifying and installing the EQUITONE range of fibre cement panels is straight forward provided some simple rules are followed.

For ease of use, this guide is divided into a number of chapters. These are structured firstly to look at the materials and how these are manufactured, then how to work with the materials and how to install them and finally, we will look at what happens behind the panels and what needs to be considered when designing the facade. We finish with some basic information on special applications and how to maintain the facade to ensure many years of trouble-free performance.

The information in this guide is comprehensive, but not exhaustive and the reader will find more information through our experienced and knowledgeable Technical Advisory Service Tel: 01283 722588.  To view the EQUITONE Planning & Application Guide, please click here.

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