Energy Efficient Building

Energy efficient building

Buildings use 40% of our total energy. A key way to create more sustainable and more energy-efficient buildings is by developing products and systems that use less energy themselves or that help save, re-use or even generate energy. Examples of which are:


EcoLogic has a unique ‘pollution-eating’ coating and is manufactured from a minimum of 50% recycled materials.

The fibre cement building envelope

Light weight cladding and roofing solutions manufactured from tough, beautiful and low carbon products.

Fibre cement facades

Using fibre cement rainscreen facades can dramatically increase thermal efficiency. When used in conjunction with insulation overcladding can improve the U- value of the building by up to 82%, enhancing a building’s U-value before, of 2.00 Wm2/K, to a U-value, after cladding, of 0.35 Wm2/K*). These cladding systems can be uninstalled completely and disassembled to their original components, facilitating re-use or recycling. *Based on Marley Eternit's EQUITONE facade material with ventisol fixing system, air gap, 80mm Rockwool Duo-slab insulation and 9" solid brick wall.

All of these are durable, long life and minimal maintenance products designed to integrate seamlessly with traditional building materials and practices. This gives specifiers the same spectrum of design possibility whilst optimising their ability to incorporate sustainability.

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