getting to grips with an epd

We have released a downloadable guide to help improve the understanding of the information contained with an environmental product declaration (EPD).

The guide was developed following a consultation with architects, which demonstrated the need for greater assistance on how to understand and use an EPD in the specification process. 

The consultation highlighted that there was a significant amount of confusion surrounding EPDs. For example, despite its name, an EPD does not mean a product has high environmental credentials, which could be misleading to those who are unfamiliar with the EPD concept.  In addition, questions were raised over whether an EPD tells the specifier whether a product is good or bad. 

To address some of the issues raised in the consultation and help specifiers gain a better understanding of EPDs, the short guide -Getting to grips with an EPD - provides an overview of what an EPD is. It also explains how to understand the different life cycle stages and environmental indicators and how to practically use EPDs to design and build. In addition, it includes a jargon buster to clarify confusing phrases and acronyms. 

Steve Bryceson, technical advisory service manager at Marley Eternit, commented: “From our consultation with architects it was clear that more needs to be done across the specification process to help get the most out of an EPD.  

“The architects we spoke to told us that they believe EPDs will increase in importance as they become more widely used to compare the environmental properties of products. However, at the moment, there is a lot of confusion about what content is included and how to actually use them when specifying.  For this reason we’ve created a simple to use guide to help answer questions on the topic and to provide a starting point for using EPDs in the specification process.  

“The downloadable guide is designed to be easy to share so architects and specifiers can pass it on to colleagues who may also need more EPD guidance.”

The ‘Getting to grips with an EPD’ guide is one of many technical support services available from Marley Eternit.  Others include tools to help aid specification of the right roofing product or solution for a project’s needs and BIM objects, as well as other online tools such as a Roofing Estimator and Roofing Fixing Spec tool, which can support an accurate design and build.

To download a copy of the guide and to access more help and advice on EPDs, visit

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