EQUITONE clad cinema gets northern exposure

Marley Eternit's EQUITONE [natura] was specified by Gareth Hoskins Architects for the £12.4m 'Mareel' building in Lerwick, Shetland, which has recently been awarded both RIAS Regional and RIBA National Awards.

Taking inspiration from the building's location on the edge of Lerwick’s historic Hay's Dock, Gareth Hoskins Architects chose Anthracite coloured EQUITONE [natura] because of its combination of toughness, texture and appealing colour.

Robustness of the facade materials was an overriding factor on this project because Lerwick shares the same latitude as Alaska to the West and Norway to the East, and regularly experiences gusts of wind over 70 miles per hour.

Gareth Hoskins of Gareth Hoskins Architects said: "We specified a Marley Eternit fibre cement facade principally because of its proven robustness, an essential requirement in this exceptionally exposed, northerly location. The material also gives an excellent uniformity of colour and sharp finish to the facades it adorns, providing a striking contrast with the more rugged nature of the other building elements and setting Mareel apart from the surrounding industrial sheds around the harbour.”

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