Marley Eternit launch Riven Edgemere

Leading roofing and cladding manufacturer, Marley Eternit has today launched an exciting addition to its popular Edgemere slate range: Riven Edgemere.  This brand new product provides a textured finish similar to that of natural slate.

Dedicated to developing market-leading product solutions and making life as easy as possible for its customers, Marley Eternit’s Riven Edgemere provides an innovative solution for specifiers and contractors seeking an affordable alternative to natural slate which also offers far more flexible construction options.  One of Marley Eternit’s best-selling product ranges, the Edgemere’s powerful combination of aesthetic impact, performance reliability and cost effectiveness, make it one of the premier concrete roof tiles for the industry.

Gavin White, marketing project manager at Marley Eternit, explains: “There is often a strong desire to use natural slate on many construction projects but the associated issues of waste, together with high cost and slower speed of installation are often under estimated.  The development of Riven Edgemere as a natural slate alternative, allows house-builders and architects continued access to the natural aesthetic of a slate roof - but with markedly reduced costs, more akin to those associated with concrete tiles.”

The Edgemere range offers excellent environmental credentials, bringing tangible benefits to those wishing to use it. Not only can the range achieve up to an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification, but it has also achieved certification under the BES 6001 framework standard for responsible sourcing of construction products. This means that specifying Edgemere can now make a significant contribution towards reaching the maximum number of credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

Gavin continues: “This exciting innovation on an existing product provides customers with a slate look on a concrete tile budget.  The Riven finish on every tile is unique and, when brought together on the roof, provides an attractive variegated appearance with wonderful depth and tone creating the appearance of a natural product.”

A range of fittings, accessories and ventilation systems, including the bespoke Edgemere dry verge system, are available to complement the entire Edgemere range.

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