Guiding you through the BIM wash

With the latest statistics showing over half of construction professionals are now using BIM and 93% expect to be using it by 2016*, Marley Eternit has launched an online tutorial showing how to find, download and use BIM objects for its range of clay roof tiles.

The short video, available at, gives a quick tour of the company’s free online BIM Space and an overview of the Autodesk Revit files available for its range of clay plain tiles, as well as demonstrating how they can be applied to the user’s own designs.

The video has been launched to help the increasing number of specifiers and designers who are making the transition to BIM on their projects.  The latest NBS National BIM report shows that 54% of construction professionals have used BIM on at least one project in the last year, 15% more than in 2013 and 40% more than in 2010.  This number is expected to grow rapidly, with just over 93% of those surveyed predicting they would be using it in the next three years, spurred on by the Government’s 2016 BIM mandate.

Sarah Jackson, marketing product manager from Marley Eternit, comments: “As the latest figures show, everyone in the process of adopting BIM is moving forward at different speeds and people are at different stages of the journey.  As the first UK manufacturer to launch a range of BIM objects for clay plain tiles, we wanted to do more than just make the files available.  The process of using BIM can be daunting and we wanted to make it easier. 

“There is a lot of generic talk about what BIM can deliver, the so-called ‘BIM wash’ but not much practical support.  That’s why we decided to develop a video to help guide people through the BIM process and give them a step by step tutorial on how to actually use the files and apply them to their own project.”

Marley Eternit’s BIM Space is free and once registered, all users are given instant access to the full range of facades and fibre cement and clay roofing BIM objects.  The video demonstrates how easy it is to download the Autodesk Revit files, which contain product data along with image files to create high quality 3D renderings of the roof.  The tutorial then shows users how to transfer the files into the building design, so the roof structure can be built ‘virtually’.

Sarah Jackson adds: “The video shows that as well as aiding with the design of the building, the BIM files for the clay plain tiles give a lot of useful information about the products, such as materials performance, sustainability information including embodied carbon data and environmental accreditations and COBie parameters.  In many ways it is the information part of BIM that is the most important, helping specifiers and designers to make more informed decisions about roofing products, as well as making it quicker and easier to design and construct a building.”

Marley Eternit’s BIM objects are available for the Acme single and double camber, Ashdowne Handcrafted and Hawkins clay plain tiles as well as for the full range of fibre cement slates and facades.  They can be downloaded for free at

* NBS National BIM Report 2014 -

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