Cedral Weatherboard Right Up Your Street

Cedral Weatherboard has given a family home on The Street, Maidstone, Kent a new lease of life.

The Hearn family moved onto The Street 10 years ago, when the 1970s house featured dated white plastic cladding that had aged over the years and begun to discolour.

When Cedral Weatherboard was recommended to the family as a replacement for their unsightly plastic cladding, they decided it was time to give their home a renovation. Crown Oak Building, a local oak frame supplier in Edenbridge, referred the Hearn family to Marley Eternit as they were aware of Cedral Weatherboard’s durability, low maintenance and appealing aesthetics.

Offered in a palette of 19 colours and 3 woodstain finishes, the Hearn’s were able to order a selection of free-of-charge samples from Marley Eternit, which arrived within 48 hours. Although the family originally looked at pastel colours, the contemporary finish of the Dark Slate Grey was their final choice. 

Wendy Hearn, owner of the house, said: “The Cedral Weatherboard looks stunning. The Dark Slate Grey looks so contemporary and, although it took me a while to convince my husband on the colour, the overall finish is exactly what we wanted. Cedral Weatherboard lasts for 50+ years so we expect it to look just as amazing in many years time.”

She added: “We originally wanted an oak frame for our house but after researching Marley Eternit we were certain that their Cedral Weatherboard would be a better solution for us. I contacted the company immediately and I was delighted with how helpful they were and by their wide range of colours and options.”

The Hearn family were so impressed with Cedral Weatherboard’s abilities to retain the traditional appeal of timber but not warp, shrink or need re-painting or re-staining, that they also re-clad their double garage to match their house.

As easy to work as timber but with the durability of cement based products, Cedral Weatherboard has good resistance to fire and is dimensionally stable. It is very easy to install and the boards can be mounted rigidly with no requirement for expansion joints.

Cedral Weatherboard can be used for a wide range of other exterior applications where timber is sometimes chosen, including soffits, fascia and barge boards. This again utilises the low maintenance benefits of fibre cement and, in the case of the Hearns, a perfectly colour coordinated aesthetic between the main house and garage.

For homeowners looking to reduce their environmental footprint, Cedral Weatherboard achieves an A+ rating in the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating: Cedral Weatherboard - autoclaved fibre cement (calcium silicate) cladding - (Element Ref: 806220701, 806220675, 806220676). 

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