Bicester Eco Town

This month we continue our focus on the development of Elmsbrook, the first phase in a landmark sustainable community in North West Bicester, where many of the homes have now been reserved, with first residents expected to move in later this year.

The first phase at Elmsbrook has used cutting-edge technology and sustainable building materials, including Marley Eternit Rivendale fibre cement slates, to create 91 zero carbon homes that are also future-proofed against climate change.

Roofing work has now been completed by Attleys on all of the show houses and most of the first phase properties, with Rivendale adding a striking slate aesthetic to the homes, which will also include solar PV on the roofs.

Steve Hornblow, North West Bicester project director from A2Dominion, comments: “We have received a very positive response so far and the first phase of sales has gone very well, with many of the plots already reserved.  People are intrigued by what Elmsbrook has to offer and are attracted by the sustainable way of living and we’re delighted that we are nearing completion of the first stage in creating a true zero carbon community.

“All of the Elmsbrook houses are built to the highest specification ensuring that materials, like the Rivendale fibre cement slates, were selected not only for their sustainability credentials but also for their ability to stay looking good well into the future.”

Mark Watson, area sales manager for Marley Eternit, adds: “The Rivendale slates help to create a natural, yet contemporary appearance, which complements the countryside surroundings of the development.  The choice of these fibre cement slates is very appropriate for a project like this where sustainability is a high priority because not only do they have low embodied carbon, a key requirement for Elmsbrook, but they are also 100% recyclable.

“We are delighted to have been involved in this landmark scheme, which demonstrates that it is possible to build a large community of zero carbon homes, acting as a pioneering example of how the UK can address both environmental and housing shortage challenges in the future.”

A2Dominion is now getting ready to start work on Phase 2 of the Elmsbrook development, which in total will see the construction of 393 zero carbon homes in four phases, as part of an ambitious plan to build up to 6,000 highly efficient homes in NW Bicester by 2018.

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