A new dimension for fibre cement slates

In a first for the UK, Marley Eternit has launched an innovative new architectural facades system, specifically developed in response to the growing trend towards using fibre cement slates across the whole building envelope. 

The new Vertigo range has been specifically designed for vertical application, enabling continuity between roof and facade and helping architects to express their creativity like never before through inspirational designs.

Charlotte Hughes, product manager, from Marley Eternit, explains: “We have noticed that an increasing number of architects are specifying vertical slates to create striking designs, with notable projects such as the Garden Studio by Moon Architecture and the Tally Ho police training centre in Birmingham by Nicol Thomas.  However, we wanted to introduce a more innovative method of vertical slating to the UK market, with invisible fixings to provide clean lines and a modern aesthetic.

“Vertigo is the first range of fibre cement slates specifically designed for use on vertical facades, as well as the roof, so this opens up a host of unique creative possibilities for architects.  The small 600mm by 300mm slates follow the shape of a building like a second protective skin.”

Available in eight different colours from blue/black to terracotta, the new range of Vertigo slates offers multiple possibilities for both new build and refurbishment projects. The fibre cement slates come in three different product types, including two types of nail holed systems specifically created for use on the facade, with invisible fixings that create both a modern panel and broken bond application.

Charlotte Hughes continues: “We are increasingly seeing the use of fibre cement throughout the whole building envelope and we know architects are always looking for new ways that they can use the material to help them achieve their designs.  The launch of Vertigo is another example of how our research and development teams are pushing the boundaries of fibre cement, taking its design flexibility to a different level and opening up new possibilities.  This makes it easier for architects to use fibre cement in new ways and create imaginative yet cost effective facade designs that blend seamlessly with the roof.”

As part of Marley Eternit’s fibre cement range, Vertigo boasts superb sustainability credentials, helping to achieve environmental credits with a ‘very good’ BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing accreditation and its own Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 

Fibre cement also offers sustainability benefits throughout its whole life cycle, as it can be fully recycled at the end of its use.  Waste fibre cement can be ground down and used to replace limestone and shale in clinker production, the essential ingredients for Portland cement.

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