Ventilation- Follow the Herd

Good ventilation in livestock buildings is a critical factor when looking to maximise animal welfare and following a few simple design rules can make a dramatic difference. Here, Jamie Robertson, research fellow at Aberdeen University, who has partnered with Marley Eternit, looks at some simple steps that farmers can take.

“Getting fresh air to livestock is free and is one of the best bactericides and virucides we know. Yet many new livestock buildings have inadequate levels of ventilation and are therefore not fit for purpose. This contributes to sickness and poor health in livestock, which ultimately means they under perform as a business asset. The consequences of inadequate ventilation are therefore far reaching, yet it can be relatively straightforward to remedy if it is clearly specified at the design stage.

Farm buildings are one of the single largest investments that farmers make, which is why it is so important to get the design right from the start. Choosing the size, layout and location are all fairly easy decisions as farmers know exactly what suits their existing operations. However, the ventilation requirements are often not designed for the number and type of cattle kept in the building.

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