<p>Cedral Weatherboard made easy</p>

In this article, Marley Eternit discusses the increasing popularity of fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard and shows how easy it is to install.

The weatherboard style is timeless, creating a real wow factor that crosses over both traditional and contemporary property styles.

However, achieving and keeping the weatherboard appearance requires careful choice of material. For instance, some weatherboard products may look good initially, but soon begin to show signs of age – requiring regular and costly upkeep to maintain their looks.

Fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard from Marley Eternit has the visual appeal of natural timber, but none of the maintenance issues, providing an ideal alternative to traditional timber weatherboard. That means your home can look good long into the future.

To find out how easy fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard is to install, click here to read the full article including Marley Eternit’s step by step fitting guide.

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