Pilgrims Cross C of E

The project

Pilgrims’ Cross CofE Primary School in Andover was first opened in 2013 with space for 90 pupils. It is at the heart of a large-scale new housing development and was designed to be the fulcrum of the village community.

In little over three years, it has undergone two large extensions to cope with the rise in demand for places. The first extension enabled the school to increase its numbers to 164, and the second-phase extension has allowed pupil intake to rise to 230.

Each of the extensions has had to remain faithful to the original design – which is an aesthetic homage to a classic Victorian school design.

The solution

The use of natural materials was central to the school’s original design and has remained a guiding light as the school has undergone significant expansion. Natural materials such as shingles play a key part in creating an inspiring learning environment that stimulates the children to learn more about the world around them.

The challenge for the contractor on this project was to blend the extension in with existing buildings, and this included bonding the new cedar shingles with the existing roof on the 400m2 mono pitched roof.

Why JB Shingles?

The long-term durability, thermal performance and ability of JB Shingles to weather beautifully over a number of years are what made them the ideal choice for use at Pilgrims’ Cross CofE Primary School.

As one of only a few companies outside Canada and the USA to achieve the much-coveted membership of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB), Marley Eternit can provide the UK construction industry with complete traceability when it comes to supplying the highest-quality western red cedar shingles.


Deputy Head Teacher Richard Osmond said that pupils, staff and parents are delighted with the new extension, which features JB Shingles, as it continues to define the character of the school.

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