Golf Club Academy

High specification and performance combined at Archerfield Links with JB Shakes

The Nike Golf Performance Fitting Centre at Archerfield Links is a world class facility built on the historic Archerfield estate.

From professional coaching teams to club fittings, the facility blends high performance and traditional values in a purpose built academy, within the stunning surroundings of the golf club.

The main challenge of the project for Aitken Turnbull Architects was to combine the clean, contemporary feel of the Nike training academy with the traditionally styled clubhouse and grounds, situated on an estate over 100 years old.

The Western Red Cedar Shakes used on the roof of the building, made a significant contribution to this mergence of styles.

The rich, warm colour of the shakes combined the old with the new due to its versatility with both traditional and modern structures. The natural preservatives in the wood ensure that weathering will result in gradual colour change to an attractive, silver-grey, which blends naturally with the surrounding golf course.

The sustainable product also contains a high degree of thermal insulation and incorporates a low carbon design.

JB Shakes, as a truly renewable and sustainable roofing product, have given the owners and members of Archerfields Golf Club a finished building that they love. Despite its modern interior, the low maintenance, durable roof solution has enabled the contemporary Nike fitting centre to sit comfortably within the grounds of Archerfield estate.

Archerfield Golf Club is situated in the royal borough of North Berwick, East Lothian’s most popular seaside town. The resort has now been privately owned for ten years, and the onsite facilities provide both a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors.

Aitken Turnbull
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