Decking solution for hospital

The £1.8 million refurbishment of the neurological rehabilitation ward at Kendray Hospital has been designed to help the rehabilitation and recovery of its patients. The refurbishment will provide better facilities designed to support patients; facilities include the use of a gym for physiotherapy and a kitchen to simulate a home environment.

Also as part of the refurbishment is a closed courtyard to provide valuable outside space for patients. The courtyard has been decked using JB CitiDeck®, which provides a natural timber solution particularly suitable for wheel chair users and the less able. Initially specified as standard castellated deck board, the product was changed after main contractor Togel recommended JB CitiDeck® as an improved solution for this type of application.

JB CitiDeck® was originally designed after inclusivity specialist Margaret Hickesh highlighted considerations for the use of castellated decking with wheel chairs and the difficulty of changing surface from tarmac for the less able and visually impaired. JB CitiDeck® offers a smooth surface for wheelchair users giving a more comfortable ride that when running over traditional castellated deck boards. This surface can be particularly uncomfortable when sitting in a wheelchair. The smooth deck board incorporates antislip inserts, to minimise the risk of slips and trips. These inserts are created from a finer, less abrasive aggregate. The smooth boards are also easier to clean and maintain than traditional grooved boards.

These features make JB CitiDeck® particularly suitable for areas used by children, the less able and wheelchair users. These are all important factors in the specification of decking for hospitals.

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