Bristol Zoo uses JB Antislip Plus timber decking
Antislip Plus Decking

4000 linear metres of JB Antislip Plus® Timber Decking was supplied to Bristol Zoo in a number of phases. The decking was used to create a non-slip boardwalk around the lake which borders the Monkey Jungle and its near neighbour Gorilla Island.

Dave Harley, the Estates Manager at Bristol Zoo, explains: “We were looking for a really hard-wearing and safe non-slip decking product, as Health & Safety issues are paramount due to our high visitor levels. To make things more difficult, the decking under the tree areas often becomes particularly slippery due to a combination of rain and leaf sap. Marley Eternit has supplied a really effective solution with JB Antislip Plus® and we are planning to install more around other primate enclosures.”

Antislip Plus Decking
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