BRE, Victorian Terrace
JB Red Roofing Battens

Marley Eternit's JB-RED, the first fully strength compliant roofing batten factory pre-graded to BS 5534:2003 +A1: 2010, has been used on the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Rethinking Housing Refurbishment initiative.

The pre-graded roofing battens were used to replace the roof on the disused Victorian stable block at the centre of the BRE Watford site. Known as the ‘Victorian Terrace Project’, it is an exemplar development and has an education facility to showcase the latest refurbishment technologies and techniques, including a training centre for top-up courses and knowledge promotion in construction skills and crafts.

The BRE Rethinking Housing Refurbishment programme aims to bring about a step change in the housing agenda by highlighting the contribution that affordable refurbishment has to play in reducing UK carbon emissions and encouraging industry to raise standards of practice.

JB-RED roofing battens were selected because they are guaranteed strength compliant with BS 5534:2003 +A1: 2010 and therefore do not require any further grading on site. The BRE recognised that the time spent grading on site, along with the inevitable wastage created by rejected battens and inconsistent grading, meant that JB-RED best met its requirement for ‘raising standards of practice’ within housing refurbishments.

JB-RED battens are characterised by their red finish and ‘BS 5534’ stamp, confirming they have been stringently tested to ensure they meet all the strength requirements of the new British Standard, using production processes independently certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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