CE marking

If you're planning a new farm building project, don't get caught out by new legislation that comes into force this summer...

From 1st July 2014, the CE marking of steel works becomes a legal requirement for agricultural building manufacturers, and any building projects commissioned after this date could be compromised should you employ an Agricultural Frame Manufacturer (AFM) that is not CE accredited. 

CE marking

Should you choose to use a non-accredited AFM who is subsequently reported, local Trading Standards departments will be able to suspend building work and potentially recall products used in the building. Trading Standards also have the power to insist that a building is taken down if it is found to be unsafe.

What’s more, there is also uncertainty as to whether a non-CE marked building will be insured after the legislation comes into force, a very real issue if a building collapses due to snow loading, for example. The NFU have not yet committed to a position on this and farmers are being advised to check with their individual insurer.

Tony Hutchinson, National Secretary of RIDBA (Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association) believes that Trading Standards will be following up those AFM’s who carry out work illegally. “Around 80 per cent of AFMs in the UK have currently achieved or are working towards achieving CE accreditation. With this level of coverage, it means we do expect AFMs with CE marking to report those that don't. After all, those operating without CE marking are breaking the law, and could potentially damage the reputation of the whole industry.”

Mike White, Sales Director, Profiled Sheeting at Marley said: “Our advice to farmers is to make sure your AFM is CE marked before they start your build. This way you can be assured that the building design and components meet strict British quality standards and avoid any additional time and cost to your building project.”

"Our advice to farmers is to make sure your AFM is CE marked before they start your build.”

Mike White
Sales Director, Profiled Sheeting

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