Knocknagael Farm

Project name: Knocknagael national bull stud farm
Product: Profile 6
Location: Inverness
Contractor: Robinsons Scotland Ltd
Client: Knocknagael Farm
Knocknagael Farm required a roof covering that would play a part in keeping its herd of high quality bulls in prime condition. Ensuring a constant circulation of air was a key factor in achieving this because lack of ventilation in farm buildings can result in sickness and poor health in livestock. A common indication of this includes increased incidence and severity of foot problems and respiratory conditions, which ultimately results in underperformance of the herd.

Marley Eternit’s fibre cement open protected ridges were used to create an effective ventilation system in the bull accommodation unit by ensuring a constant outflow of stale, moist air.   The width of the air gap created by the open ridge was specifically designed for the number of bulls and size of the building.

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