What are the benefits?

There's no getting away from it, our fibre cement profiled sheeting is built to last. Here's why we recommend it for your farm building.

Animal health and welfare

Fibre cement provides a highly cost effective roofing solution over the longer term, as it does not contain any metallic elements. This makes it perfect for withstanding the most extreme weather conditions and also for environments such as livestock buildings where animals’ slightly acidic breath can leading to rapid corrosion of steel roof sheets.

Knocknegel Stud

We know how important air circulation is in livestock buildings so we offer a wide range of ventilations systems to allow stale, moisture laden air to escape. With steel sheeting, warm moist air condenses on the underside of a roof before dripping onto livestock and bedding. In contrast, fibre cement has an ability to absorb up to 25 per cent of its dry weight in moisture before dissipating it in more favourable conditions.

The semi compressed design of our fibre cement profile sheeting also has excellent thermal and noise properties, a real plus for roofs buildings exposed to the elements. Our fibre cement sheets keep sheet reverberation and subsequent animal distress to a minimum. Our products are built to last, and you can rest assured that a Marley roof will keep your stock protected for many years to come.

Planning consent

Our sheeting is designed to blend in with any landscape. We have a wide range of colour and design options that will sit neatly alongside existing structures, or alternatively blend into the surrounding countryside. We also have an experienced knowledgeable team that can help support you through that all-important planning process.


We hold BES 6001 accreditation for responsible sourcing so you can rest assured that you are making a sustainable choice when selecting Marley products. What's more, our products can achieve up to an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide - a real plus for planning applications.

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