It's time to tackle heat stress

Your livestock may be suffering from heat stress more often than you think. Help assess the impact heat stress is having on your business by winning an automated temperature monitor system from Marley Eternit.

Health problems, lower growth rates and decreased milk production – don’t let heat stress hold back livestock performance.

Poor airflow in buildings, coupled with high humidity levels and elevated temperatures are the main causes of heat stress in housed livestock. Dairy cattle have high metabolic heat production and it doesn’t take a large increase in external temperature for housed animals to start suffering from heat stress. 

Heat stress can negatively impact on livestock health by reducing lying times, fertility, milk production and the ability to combat disease.

Win a Mobeye Thermoguard temperature monitoring system…

Here at Marley Eternit we have been supplying British farmers with roofing and ventilation system for more than 100 years. We want farmers to get the best out of their buildings, so we are offering you the chance to win one of ten Mobeye Thermoguard temperature monitors with an alert system - worth over £125! (supplied by Compound Security

The monitor can be placed in an area of a livestock buildings that you are concerned about, for example a cubicle shed or collection yard. It will then send you SMS text alerts when the temperature exceeds, or drops below, the parameters you’ve set. With this information you can assess the impact that heat stress is having on your livestock. 

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