The Beauty of Architectural Fibre Cement Facades is more than Skin Deep

EQUITONE [linea]

Through coloured facade material with a linear surface that plays with light and shadow, to give the facade a different aspect throughout the day.

EQUITONE [natura]

Through coloured fibre cement material offering excellent aesthetics created from the visual impact of the fibre cement fibres which show through.

EQUITONE [tectiva]

Characterised by fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues, this through coloured material offers a distinct surface appearance.

EQUITONE [pictura]

Coated with an additional surface treatment, fibre cement EQUITONE [pictura] provides a hard, smooth, silky matt surface.

EQUITONE [textura]

With a highly glazed, granular finish, fibre cement EQUITONE [textura] combines vivid colour, texture and toughness to create distinct and unique designs.

Cedral Weatherboard

The ideal low maintenance, wood effect, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding.

Cedral Click

The UK's first fibre cement tongue and groove weatherboard product fitted in a contemporary flat finish rather than shiplap.

Cedral Weatherboard Colour Selector

Combine Cedral Weatherboard and trim colour options.

Cedral Board

An impact resistant, durable and flat soffit and fascia board.

Fixing Systems

A comprehensive range of fixing systems allow for any specification to be met.


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Vertigo slates for vertical applications

Unique to Marley Eternit our Vertigo fibre cement slates have been designed specifically for vertical applications

With an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring colours in a variety of textures and finishes, our fibre cement cladding is worthy of the most high profile projects.

Our Cedral Weatherboard cladding can easily replace traditional timber weatherboard for a low maintenance, rot free alternative. Or for a contemporary, durable and aesthetic architectural facade panel our EQUITONE [natura], [tectiva], [pictura] and [textura] materials offer great choice for versatility, sustainability and performance.


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