12 September 2016

What is the life expectancy of fibre cement roof slates?

The life expectancy for fibre cement roof slates varies can be up to 60 years depending on the manufacturer.

To ensure peace of mind it’s important to choose slates and associated fitting that are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 492 ‘Fibre cement slates and fittings – product specifications and test methods’. Products manufactured to this standard will also be CE marked.

Another indicator of tile quality is choosing a manufacturer who is certified to quality management systems registered under ISO 9001 and comply with environmental standards as required under ISO 14001.

What can impact the life expectancy of fibre cement roof slates?

  • High levels of pollution in the atmospheric conditions
  • Walking directly on the roof, without the use of platforms or crawl boards
  • High impact cleaning (such as pressure washing)
  • Incorrect Installation

How can life expectancy of fibre cement slates be maintained?

Like any types of roof covering, or building component, fibre cement slates do require a simple and regular maintenance programme. Despite the height and access challenges, it is important to inspect for issues so that replacement or repair can be carried out and performance and lifespan are maintained.

Marley Eternit Fibre cement slates have been determined to have a life expectancy of 60 years by The BRE, under their environmental profiling scheme for building materials.

To find our more about the specification of fibre cement slates you can download our roofing specification guide.

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