04 July 2016

There are several Fire Retardant Treatments for Scaffold Boards available in the UK. These include FirePro, Firestop and Dricon; Marley Eternit recommends FirePro. All are clear treatments and it is recommended that additional identification should be used, such as painting or branding, to ensure the boards can be identified as being treated.

All treatments are hydroscopic and will eventually leach out over a period of time. This is a slow process and tests have shown that after 5 years of use there is still sufficient treatment within the board. This is often more than the life of the board.

Treatment should now be to BS EN 13501-1:2007 (Fire classification of construction products and building elements), rather than the old BS 476 classifications. There are two classes of treatment:

  • Euroclass B (old class 0)
  • Euroclass C (old class 1)

For almost all situations Euroclass C is recommended for Scaffold Boards, however, in certain high risk situations Euroclass B should be used.

London Underground has its own specification: Metronet/London Underground Standard 2-01001-002 Fire Safety Performance of Materials Ref DPM-0735 July 2007. Treated material should be colour coded/hot branded to conform.


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