18 February 2016

We have updated our printed roof Sitework Guide to incluide all of the latest BS 5534 requirements and have also condensed all of our technical advice on roof installation into an easy-to-use app for smart phones and tablets.

Addressing the roof installation skills gap

Good pitched roofing practice is the result of many years of experience in the practical application of products on all types of roof designs. 

Yet, with growing labour shortages and a widening skills gap, with new apprentices coming into the industry and older experienced tradesmen retiring, roofers with decades of technical experience aren’t easy to find.

There is no replacement for years of roofing experience but to alleviate some of the challenges of the skills gap we, as a manufacturer, need to find ways to help in the short-term.  

As well as developing a wider range of easier to fix products, such as new innovations to our interlocking tiles range, we wanted to find a way to share the enormous amount of technical roofing expertise we have developed over our 90 years in the industry.  We also wanted to make it readily accessible for a younger generation of roofers and builders. 

So, not only have we updated our printed Sitework Guide to include all of the latest BS 5534 requirements but we have also managed to condense all of our technical advice on roof installation into an easy to use app for smart phones and tablets.

Guidance on how to install a roof

Both the new printed version and the app give detailed guidance on how to install a roof, from storing and handling, setting out and safety, as well as instructions for fitting our extensive range of tiles, slates, dry fix and ventilation systems.  

The new Marley Eternit Roofing Sitework Guide app enables visual navigation by both product and area of the roof, to easily find the advice needed. All fixing and installation guidance is in line with the latest standards and the app is automatically updated with new product and industry information.  Animations show how a product integrates with the roof system as a whole and the app also gives a zoom functionality to see images or technical information in closer detail.  

Contractors can use the printed guide or the app to help demonstrate best roofing practice to their site teams and they can act as handy reference tools for everyone from apprentices through to experienced roofers and builders, giving the answers to common technical queries, such as:

- How are dry fix and ventilation systems installed and fixed?

- What is the best way to cut different types of roof tiles and slates?

- How do you fix tiles and slates in accordance with the new BS 5534?

- How should products be stored?

- What should the spacing of tiles vents be to achieve 5mm, 10mm and 25mm ventilation?

- How do you install vertical tiling / slating?

- What is the best way to cut different types of roof tiles and slates?

- How should I replace damaged tiles?

- Can I still use mortar to bed ridge and hip tiles?

You can download the new Marley Eternit Roofing Sitework Guide app for free, simply search 'Marley Eternit' on Google Play, the App Store or Amazon.  

To request a hard copy of the Sitework Guide 
click here.

Do you find advice guides useful?  What would you like to see more of? Let us know below.

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