02 August 2016

Why is the batten red?

We often get asked the question “Why is the Batten RED?”.

JB-RED is the branding given to our BS5534 graded roofing battens, which are coloured red to help identify the batten as graded on site. It is part of the trademark that sets the JB battens apart. JB-Red battens are graded and manufactured to BS5534, in addition to having BBA accreditation.

JB-RED is computer graded using a combination of cameras and lasers giving consistent accurate grading.

JB-RED is preservative treated after manufacture with a red pigment. This clearly identifies that the batten is graded. JB-RED batten is manufactured from sideboards. Our material is kiln dried before treatment. This gives a straight distortion free batten that is light to handle and meets the required moisture content in BS5534. There is no danger of post installation shrinkage, and high quality sideboard cuts mean less risk of defect.


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