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EQUITONE is the world´s leading manufacturer in architectural facade materials. EQUITONE evokes the unique materiality of fibre cement.
Fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetic properties.
Our company, Etex, has led development of this beautiful architectural material for over a century under different local brand names such as “Marley Eternit”.

Erl Opera House images/ErlOperaHouse.jpg 0 1
Erl Festival hall images/Erl_Festival-hall-04.jpg 0 2
Erl_Festival-hall 2 images/Erl_Festival-hall-02.jpg 0 3
Erl_Festival-hall 3 images/Erl_Festival-hall-03.jpg 0 4
Natura Wall images/3-natura-wall.jpg images/TN-3-natura-wall.jpg 0 5
Tectiva Wall images/1-tectiva_wall.jpg 0 6
Temse office building images/1-Belgium-Temse-officebuilding.jpg images/1-Belgium-Temse-officebuilding.jpg 0 7
Hand Fibres images/2-Hand_fibres.jpg 0 8
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